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What Are Candelabra Bulbs?


What are candelabra bulbs?” is one of the most common questions asked by clients who come to SEXY LEDS for illumination.

led-candelabra-revie.jpgCandelabra – aka candle tree - is essentially a candle holder with multiple arms. The name comes from the Latin word candela but they go back as far as a 300 BC, to a bronze candelabrum made by Callimachus for the Erechtheum at Athens, to carry the lamp sacred to Minerva.


The Jewish Menorah is a candelabra and various forms of the ancient branched candle holder can be seen on Game of Thrones, Viking and Camelot.


The word candelabra made the transition to electric light and now “candelabra bulbs” refer to small-based incandescent light bulbs used in chandeliers and other lighting.


What are candelabra bulbs?The most common application for candelabra bulbs is in chandeliers, wall sconces and light pendants. Candelabra bulbs are electric but the light they give off is warm and safe – like the wax candles of ancient times.


Candelabra bulbs are used for decorative purposes in a variety of applications: hotels, restaurants, boutiques, retail, offices and home, of course. Candelabra bulbs can be seen in foyers, lobbies, meeting rooms, ball rooms, formal dining rooms and not so formal family rooms.


And there is your answer to: “What are candelabra bulbs.”

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